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The Second half of 2015 started in style for the Dragons, with a groundbreaking tour to the USA. This was the first time in the club’s 26 year history that a touring party had been sent across the pacific and as such was our debut in the USAFL Western Region Tournament.

The Dragons touched down in San Francisco on the evening of Thursday 25th June with a strong contingent of 22 players and 15 support staff (Girlfriends, wives and children). The first day was dedicated to social outings and seeing the sights of the great Bay City. The Saturday presented a 2 hours bus trip to the state capital, Sacramento, for a full day of tournament style AFL against the best ten teams that the western side of USA could produce. Ambitiously we were agreed to be in the top ‘A Grade’ side of the draw. 

Unfortunately the football results did not fall the way of the Dragons and we finished the day without a win to our name. The team can draw many positives from the day including the fact that playing 18-a-side football against some strong opposition was a great learning experience as well as strong preparation for the business end of the Asian Football Season.  

The standard of professionalism and organisation on display from USAFL in bringing together 10 mens teams and 4 womans’ teams (with more than 50% non-Australian participation) has reminded the Dragons of the potential expansion of our great game in Asia.

The tour concluded in true HK Dragons fashion with a marathon Sunday session where the true camaraderie and social aspect of a travelling AFL outfit was displayed with distinction. One can safety assume that Hong Kong’s reputation as 5th quarter specialists now extends across the  Pacific Ocean.


The Q2 Edition of the Fire Breather has been released.  The Fire Breather is a publication connecting all things ‘footy’ in Hong Kong. This quarters’ edition contains an insightful article from the founder and CEO of the SMATS Group, Steve Douglas, about the progress of the ‘average’ expat and their ventures into the Australian property market. 

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