Life membership is an honour granted to those who have made an enormous contribution to the running of the club over a number of years, or on the field by playing 50 games or more. The current committee, after consultation at its own discretion with existing life members, elects the new life members (if any) ahead of the annual awards presentation at the conclusion of each season.

Ray Wood

Club Founder and The Godfather of Asian Football. Still the key man at all Dragons Old Boys functions. Best and fairest award named in his honour.

Bruce Brown

Woody’s right hand man in setting the club up. Dragons first player to have played top level in Australia (VFL at the time where he won a Gardiner medal at Melbourne FC). Clubman of the year award named in his honour.

Ric Reddell

Known as “the best centre half forward north of Darwin” in his time at the club. Fittingly named centre half forward in the Dragons team of the first 25 years. Also coached the club.

Grant (Tom) Dooley

Instrumental player and administrator in the Dragons early years. Used to work for the Australian government and convinced the touring navy ships to play games against the Dragons. Went on to coach the Jakarta Bintangs in the 2000s.

Angus McDougall

Only man to be a life member of the Dragons and Singapore Wombats. Like being a club legend at Carlton and Collingwood. Rare as hens teeth.

Damian McNair

Had two stints in Hong Kong – in the mid 1990s and early 2000s. Club president and captain. Captained the side to our first Asian Championships win in 2003. 25 year team member. Also extremely vague and loose and once jumped off a junk on the way back from Lamma in the middle of the night. Work that one out.

Ronnie Bertoli

Elusive wingman and elusive off the field as well. Involved in the club committee for 10+ years through the 1990s and 2000s.

Chris Pick

One of the club’s best players of the 1990s who controversially missed selection in the Dragons team of first 25 years. Also a prolific committee member and clubman. Still playing back in Australia into his 50s and making All Australian sides for his age group. Named in Dragons team of the 1990s.

Paul Hart

Only life member to never have played footy let alone a game for the club, but if he did try would be instantly better than Dazza. One of the club founders and still involved today. Prior regular MC at grand final functions and bus tour fine master that raised the bar of that required skill set forever.

William Hamilton

Regarded by most as the club’s greatest player of the 1990s and possibly of all time. Played any key position on the ground and held such positions though until he was 50. Also a great clubman and went on to set up the Thailand Tigers in 1996 before returning to the Dragons for the first half of the 2000s. CHB in 25 year team.

Mark Treloar

Former club president. Useful utility who made the team of 25 years.

Stephen Webb

Former president and slippery half forward. Member of the team of 25 years. Lawyer that often got the Dragons out of trouble on tours. Often trouble he created.

Nick Hyland

First Dragon to 50 games. Ball magnet at half back who also could fly for big grabs. Made the team of 25 years. Often accused of starting fights that Webby finished.

Justin Faulkner

Rugby convert who became a quality half forward and second to 50 games for the club. Also strong committee representative for several years.

Michael Robertson

The most influential man in Asian football and Hong Kong sport this century. President of the club for first two Asian Championships in 2003 and 2004. Acceptance speech at 2004 Asian Championships made Martin Luther King look like an amateur.

Graeme Rigg

Won best and fairests in all of his first three years at the club from 2002 to 2004. Instrumental in the club’s first three Asian Championships. Member of the team of first 25 years and the team of the 2010s proving his longevity.

Craig Francis

Former club president and blue collar back pocket. Feel good story of 2003 and 2004 flags going from humble Fortress Hill to premiership hero. Worked as a journo in Hong Kong and got the Dragons a lot of free media publicity (mostly good).

Hamish Stuart

Former captain, coach, president, multiple best and fairest winner and walk-up start for team of 25 years. One of the club’s greatest ever players over a 10 year period from mid 1990s to mid 2000s

Gary Wines

The Dragons very own Benjamin Button. Just got better and better with age. Has an impressive CV from both a playing and coaching perspective with multiple premierships in both categories. Sports scientists have asked that Gary’s body be donated for research when he eventually passes in 2084 in his 94th season.

Paul Mallia

The Maltese Marvel’s passion for sneaky goals is exceeded only by his passion for aggressive haircuts. Part of the furniture in the forward pocket. Rumoured to have ventured to the back line once by accident.

Matthew Feeney

Good Rig and an unhealthy dose of white line fever made this bloke a terrific defender for the dragons for well over a decade.

Dwight Stuchbery

Electric hard working midfielder, over a decade of service on the committee, and drinking ability of 10 men, rightly earnt Stuchy the reputation of the Dragons favourite son. Has enough dragons silverware to fill HK Stadium, from Best and Fairest, ~7 All Asians, 4 Premierships, multiple Manila cup medals just to name a few.

Darren Flanigan

Played over 100 VFL/AFL games, however Flanners greatest football achievement came as Coach/ Spiritual Leader & Master Tactician for the Dragons in 2012 & 13. Katamatite’s finest export had an immediate impact at the club for many reasons but will chiefly be remembered for creating the SCAFL competition and teaching the team how to actually train to be successful. Back to back flags occurred under his watch, as well as countless tails from his time as a Publican in Geelong. One of the best men you will ever meet and forever the “Godfather” of the Dragons

Anthony Thompson

One tenth of a ton of goal kicking magic.

Dom Dunn

Coming in as an unknown (initially disliked) quantity in 2007 by 2016 Bowski had become one of the most well known and respected players in not only Hong Kong but across Asia. A committee member for 10+ years, President, Captain, All Asian and 3 x Asian Champion. Also champion ear licker, story teller and original introducer of ‘Hound’ to the club. There was nothing this man couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do.

Nathan Byrne

7ft ruckman who used to love punching the ball 40 yards in any direction but specifically no where near his midfielders. Once kicked 6 in Thailand in a one point win to prove that he could play. President for club’s third Asian Championships triumph and ruckman in 25 year team.

Darren Whitfield

A footy admin powerhouse. Long time committee member and full time grunter. Has the turning circle of a torpedoed battleship, and the momentum to match when busting into packs. Lives breathes and eats footy in Asia.

Simon Dixon

Coached the Dragons to first two Asian Championship premierships. Key defender in the 25 year team. Player of the tournament at 2004 Asian Championships in a premiership year. Has mastered the blue steel look.

Justin Barbaro

The Dragon’s greatest ever Tours & Merchandise Manager – bar none – and a handy footballer to boot. Three time premiership player and the Club’s Sunday session – Master of Ceremonies. Liked to think of himself as a speedy Mark Mercuri type, however the reality was probably closer to David Calthorpe, even a little bit slower. A President, member of the team of the decade (2000-10) and a heart as big as Lantau Island – Barbs a club great and a key driver of success through one of the Dragons most successful periods (both on & off field).

Ian McDonald

Ian ‘Salty’ Mcdonald has served the Dragons backline for close to two decades with aplomb. A dependable kick who knew his limitations and rarely made a mistake. His safe hands when marking overhead belied his eyesight. The Saltavitch excelled when on tour and and post match, almost always playing the fifth quarter with vigor.

Garth McLardie

Tough rover in the early years. Heart and soul of the Dragons in the 1990s. Wrote the team song. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah…….

Mark Mastores

Presided as president over some of the glory years of the club between 2014-2016. A born leader, administrative workhorse, self proclaimed swing man and infamous dummy spitter.

Will Burgess

An unfortunate nickname hasn’t stopped this bloke becoming a dragons legend. A consistently strong tourer and player. His exceptional footy brain


An exceptional football brain and extreme competitive edge made Barre a huge asset to the club. Rumour has it he handballed once, thought the evidence is sketchy. A charismatic leader equally gifted as both coach and player.


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