The Hong Kong Dragons Football Club is Asia’s first and most successful AFL club spanning over 25 years.


The Dragons play in regional and pan-Asian tournaments whilst focusing on the development of local Chinese players and furthering the reach of AFL football into Asia.


Regional tournaments including the South China Australian Football League comprising of teams based in Macau, Guangzhou, Guangdong as well as Hong Kong and is played from January till June. SCAFL rules state that all teams must be comprised of 25% international players (ex-Australian Passport Holders) and key goal to bring football to the masses.


The Dragons are an international touring team participating annually in the Manila Cup and the most prestigious Asian Football Tournament, the Asian Championships.


The AusKick program currently has over 400 kids aged under 12 participating in weekly training sessions with an international carnival hosted by the AFL each year to help foster the development of Asia’s growing football talent.


The Club has strong connections with the AFL Vikings, the AFL Masters team based in Hong Kong which has strong links to the Hong Kong business community.


On a commercial front, the Dragons host numerous social events throughout the year encouraging the greater AFL community to drive engagement with business leaders and the wider public to create strong networks and public recognition we believe the game deserves.


The Club has numerous objectives and action plans to achieve success on and off the field and delivering value to stakeholders within and outside the organisation. The Clubs current goals are driving player numbers, members, partnerships with local businesses, expanding the AusKick program with the long term goal to continue to expand AFL across Hong Kong and Southern China.


The Dragons are proudly supported by Rula Bula, Allied Pickfords, Michael Page, SMATS, Flight Centre, Parry Global Group.

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