Stephen Webb

… and why:
A natural progression from Spider to a more mature nickname I guess
Kris and 3 very young and very blonde daughters – big trouble in about 10 years time
Favourite number & Position:
4 and roving, half forward (there is a lot of competition for the forward pocket as the years catch up with us)
No. of Dragons Games:
ask Farm – must be around 50
Recruited From:
Hutchins Old Boys in the Southern Tasmanian Amateurs League
AFL club supported:
Career Highlight:
Nothing surpasses watching my first AFL grand final in 1989, with the Hawks getting home thanks to heroics from Dermie, Dipper and Dunstall
Where are you now:
Abu Dhabi (but played in Asian Champs 2007)
Favourite Hong Kong Bar:
Was Carnegies until they did the face lift, also don’t mind the Chinnery as well the restaurant/bar at Poi Toi island
Most memorable Dragons moment:
Many are quite hazy now. On ground – could be my BOG in 3 out 4 games at the Singapore Asian Champs around 2000 and only realising afterwards that my first decent game for years was also my first hangover free day of Dragons footy for just as long; Off ground – a certain nude run at LKF that I remember very clearly (as a spectator of course)
Advice for other Dragons:
Play at least one tour game a year without a hangover; don’t bother leading when McNair has the ball within 80m of goals