Russell Forster

Russ, formerly luv mus at the Kooweerup Demons
… and why:
It rhymes (that is all unfortunately)
Favourite number & Position:
9, Ruck
No. of Dragons Games:
10-15, from 2003-2005
Recruited From:
Previously played for: Kooweerup Demons, Bangkok Tigers
AFL club supported:
Career Highlight:
Playing for the Tigers in 1998 against the Dragons and putting on a 10 goal lead at 1/4 time. The fact they were falling off the bus after a strategic visiting team hotel selection had nothing to do with it.
Where are you now:
Favourite Hong Kong Bar:
Most memorable Dragons moment:
The Presidential 2004 Asia Champs speech and a bus trip in Hanoi
Advice for other Dragons:
You are a long time gone, take full advantage while you are there