Ray Wood

… and why:
Kym – The Very Old Mrs, Son Tom – 18 (International Computer Guru & Teenage Pain in the Arse), Daughter Inga – 14 & Bubba – The 2yo
Favourite number & Position:
No. 31, Full Forward
No. of Dragons Games:
7 (1990-92)
Recruited From:
AFL club supported:
Career Highlight:
Founding “The Mighty Dragons” and then seeing Aussie Rules spread throughout Asia
Where are you now:
Parkdale, Melbourne, Victoria
Favourite Hong Kong Bar:
Hardy’s (formerly of Lan Kwai Fong)
Most memorable Dragons moment:
Captain-Coaching “The Dragons” to a 30 goal win over “The Nips” at Yokahama in 1992
Advice for other Dragons:
Stick It Up Em and never cross Tommy Dooley