Luke Morgan

Fev or Mad Dog
… and why:
No idea. Could be because I look like him and got stuck into his Mrs!
Brother of Shannon. Dog (Roxy)
Favourite number & Position:
Cannot read the Asian numbers so wouldn’t have a clue what number I am. Favorite position is bench as cannot handle the heat.
No. of Dragons Games:
Recruited From:
Mazenod OC, Melbourne
AFL club supported:
Career Highlight:
Touching the ball once and unselfishly giving The Jackal his only ever goal in his last game!
Where are you now:
Favourite Hong Kong Bar:
Never been to HK. But Smileys in Saigon holds a special place in my heart
Most memorable Dragons moment:
Being part Of Dragons folklore in supplying a club great (Jackal) with his one and only goal in his last game.
Advice for other Dragons:
It is all about the camaraderie