Jarran Neil

… and why:
Gina and two little Saints supporters – Cara & Alissa
Favourite number & Position:
Favourite Number- whatever. Position – anywhere
No. of Dragons Games:
A handful
Recruited From:
Melbourne; previously played for St Leos Emmaus
AFL club supported:
St Kilda
Career Highlight:
Badders bucks weekend in Bangkok 2003, which included Benny Davis’ solo performance
Where are you now:
Favourite Hong Kong Bar:
Fenwicks Family Bistro or other seedy Gazza bar
Most memorable Dragons moment:
Farmer’s acceptance speech at 2004 Asian
Champs in Malaysia. It was everything an acceptance speech should not be
Advice for other Dragons:
Jamie Liddle has very big feet. To avoid
humiliation, don’t shower next to him