Ian Allen

1) Budgie: 2) Ian-Allan
… and why:
1) for my choice of swim pant. And sarcastically for the fact that I can not whistle in tune or fly for that matter 2) last and first name generally used together for some reason
Wife and with five young nephews. We are considering adding to it and potentially building a team of our own
Favourite number & Position:
39, 48 & loose man in the back line sneaking forward and kicking some. Who wouldn’t?
No. of Dragons Games:
Recruited From:
Miranda JAFC, Belconnen U19 & UT Sydney
AFL club supported:
Bombers. Back up team: Sydney Swans
Career Highlight:
Playing curtain-raiser before the Swans v Fitzroy the last time they played each other (In Canberra and basically oversized little league). But now looking for bigger highlights on the world stage that is HK-dragons and Asian footy.
Favourite Hong Kong Bar:
Bottoms Up bar
Most memorable Dragons moment:
Medicine ball and abs work on a Wednesday night session. I will never forget that
Advice for other Dragons:
Keep your eye on the ball and read Doddsey’s advice