Garry Frenklah

Deuce Bigalow
… and why:
Beats me?
Kyoko and son Jake (born Nov. 2007)
Favourite number & Position:
69; 69
No. of Dragons Games:
1 – The greatest loss in Dragons history
Recruited From:
Gomel (former USSR), Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, HK, Tokyo, HK; played for Tokyo Goannas
AFL club supported:
The Mighty Magpies
Career Highlight:
Career Highlight: too many to mention… how about
1.see No of Dragons Games
2.Goal umpiring during 2003 Asian Championships
3.2001 Best Clubman at Tokyo Goannas
4.1990 runners-up Indoor soccer Oakleigh 3rd (I think) division
5.1984 Melbourne High School “Full Colours for chess
6.1984 Melbourne High School prize for “English as a Second Language
Where are you now:
Favourite Hong Kong Bar:
Most memorable Dragons moment:
See No of Dragons Games;
Eventually collecting HK$1000 from Jamie Liddle in late 2004 after Collingwood finished above St Kilda in 2003
Advice for other Dragons:
Indonesians are better than Filipinas