Damian McNair

Freak, Daicos, Dermie, Legend and, away from football, Damo, McNightmare
… and why:
Natural-born footballer
Married to Eliza and kids Jessica and Jack
Favourite number & Position:
12; Bowing to the crowd after mark/goal of the day
No. of Dragons Games:
Recruited From:
St. Kevins Old Boys in the Victorian Amateur competition
AFL club supported:
St Kilda
Career Highlight:
Captaining Dragons to 2003 Asian Champs victory
Where are you now:
Favourite Hong Kong Bar:
Annex in LKF
Most memorable Dragons moment:
Spending the slush fund of $12,000 on the 1995 Arafura Games Tour in Darwin
Advice for other Dragons:
Go on every tour. Always kick a goal so your name gets in print. Handball only when 110 metres out from goal.