Colin Mitchell

… and why:
Mitch. Why? Because I played with some very unimaginative people
Papa Mitch, Mamma Mitch and Big Brother Mitch
Favourite number & Position:
1. On-ball or forward flank
No. of Dragons Games:
Recruited From:
Melbourne; previous clubs – East Burwood (EFL) 1993 & 2001, Blackburn (EFL) 2002 – 2003
AFL club supported:
Career Highlight:
Witnessing the Dragons demolish all comers in the Asian Champs 2007.
Completing my first injury free Asian Champs in 2009.
Favourite Hong Kong Bar:
Mes Amis, but you know we’ll all end up at Nept-tunes
Most memorable Dragons moment:
Having Boges prove that more than 7kgs can be stored in the overhead compartment of an airplane.
Advice for other Dragons:
When in doubt, assume the crash position