Ben Davis

Many and diverse from Stinker, Dover, Duck, F#@khead, to plain old Benny Davis
… and why:
Soft-jawed Byrnes on tour, my right hand off it
Favourite number & Position:
56, somewhere close to the goals.
No. of Dragons Games:
Ask Farmer!
Recruited From:
Very backward country Victoria: Creswick, Newlyn FCs
AFL club supported:
The most successful team in history the mighty DONS
Career Highlight:
Being less fat than Riggsy on a health test; Having more hair than Riggsy!!!
Where are you now:
Favourite Hong Kong Bar:
All the ones I can’t remember
Most memorable Dragons moment:
Proving my prediction correct when covering the Irish bar in Shanghai with green ooze after being forced to drink a bloody skob-bomb
Advice for other Dragons:
If you keep playing with it, it gets much stretchier