Adrian Archer

Shallow Hal
… and why:
Apparently, I see the good in everything that escapes others. For example, in my kicking.
The uncle of my brother-in-law is Crackers Keenan. That makes me a “Nephew Of Collingwood.” Awesome
Favourite number & Position:
Number 30, after my kicking-technique hero, James Manson of Collingwood. My favourite position is anywhere but left-right-out, although I find I am becoming increasingly right-wing with age
No. of Dragons Games:
Recruited From:
Mostly Melbourne and a bit of Sydney: Played for Monash University U/19s (1990), University of Sydney (2000), Jakarta Bintangs (2005)
AFL club supported:
Collingwood Magpies
Career Highlight:
The Kai Tak Rules forbid me from claiming any career highlights other than my first goal, for the Monash U/19s, which was an over-the-shoulder left foot snap after a one-handed pick-up at full tilt. Sure sounds impressive. Shame it remains my only competition goal
Where are you now:
Japan – playing for Tokyo Goannas
Favourite Hong Kong Bar:
Post 97. I have a thing for Art Deco
Most memorable Dragons moment:
Those dang Kai Tak Rules again … lets say selling Faulks the dummy and goaling in a practice match at Happy Valley. He looked a right goose! Sure sounds impressive. Shame it remains my only practice match goal
Advice for other Dragons:
We Hate Singapore. Sure, they are a great bunch of blokes and put on great turns for us during my tours with the Bintangs but We Of The Hong Kong Dragons Hate Singapore. Thats just how it goes. Hate hate hate. Nice blokes but