Dragons Finish Season on a High


The Hong Kong Dragons has closed the 2010 season with an emphatic win over the Guangzhou Scorpions at the Utahloy International School in Zengcheng, Guangzhou.
The Dragons lair that toured consisted of the following players: Gags, Christiano, Bowski, Dodesy, Mals, Winesy, Will Broski, Chris Adams, The Train, Salty, 'The' Doc, Woody, Lynchy, Vize and skipper Stuch. The Dragons class, teamwork and poise that has been a trademark all season was once again on display, with the Guangzhou Scorpions powerless to stop them on their way to a comfortable win.
While Nathan Krakour was unable to secure a last minute visa to the USA for the Collingwood Magpies annual trip to Arizona, the Dragons claws reach far and wide, enabling club star Woody to gain a last minute visa to China. Suffice to say, AFL Asian Dream Team pundits breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced Woody got the green light to tour and named in his customary role in the centre.
The Scorpions, the new Asian glamour side, were primed for their second game, recently easily accounting for the Macau Lightening in their debut match. However, a reality check in terms of where the Scorpions are at in the Asian football pecking order became evident by days end. The Dragons were desperate to finish Doc Livingstones Dragons career on a winning note, the big man being recruited to the 'Baghad Bombers'. What the Dragons will get in exchange remains to be seen.
The match started to script for the Scorpions, kicking the first two majors, much to the delight of the thirty-eight spectators witnessing the match. An international contingent of alcohol induced Englishmen, Dutch and Chinese fans, in conjunction with the Scorpions WAGS were on hand to cheer the home team on. Some of the spectaters were kind enough to officiate boundary line duties during the second half, much to the dismay of Dragon full back Bowski.
Fortunately a late first quarter conversion by Mals in the goal square ebbed the tide and at quarter time both Stuchy and coach Wines were verbalising their dislike in no uncertain terms in the huddle relating to how the Dragons were under performing.
The second quarter was an arm wrestle for some time, the close checking Scorpions nullifying repeated forward attacks by the Dragons. Vize got on the end of a bullet like Woody pass on his chest near the goals only to be hammered on his right eye from behind. With Vize down for the count, the umpire struggled to contain the Dragons emotions for sometime. The Dragons converted the resulting free kick and didn't look back for the rest of the day.
From then on, it was a cakewalk for the Dragons, gaining centre clearances at will, providing plenty of options with continued run from the backline which set up shots for goal, be they set or in play.
Game highlights included the supreme centre work by the Dragons, Doc and Salty giving first use to Stuchy, Woody and Gags. Also a remarkable leap by Bowski on Roosters back for what could have been mark of the day, the ball fumbling from his hands upon landing. The evasive Gags kicked a Peter Dacios like dribbling goal on his wrong side, one of six from Gags. He also racked up six baulks in a row during a passage of play too, only to be caught on the boundary line. The ever youthful coach Wines was solid in defence and it was pleasing to see rookie elevated Chris Adams put his head over the ball time and again.041.jpg
With Vize returning to the field in the last quarter, the Dragons capped off the match with class, a passage of play beginning from full back, resulting in Mals hitting Dodesy on the chest for a resultant goal. Special mention goes to DJ Train for adhearing to team rules by keeping the forward line open. It was also pleasing to see first time touriststs Lynchy and Vizey pull the Dragons jumper on. Let's hope they keep up their enthusiasm for international football.
Special thanks to the Scorpions for hosting the match and after game entertainment. The Dragons continued their success by winning the boat race too.
Paul 'Mals' Mallia.

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